Hand pulled one cane at a time

Twisted Cane Offerings

COE 90

Twisted Glass Cane

COE 90 glass cane is available in over 25 different styles, patterns, and colors. COE 90 is made from Bullseye glass,

COE 96

Twisted Glass Cane

COE 96 glass cane is available in 20 different styles, colors and patterns. All COE 96 cane is made with Spectrum System 96 and Uroboros 96.


Twisted Glass Cane

Murrine is available in a variety of colors and patterns. We offer murrine in both COE 90, and COE 96. Murrine is available in 9" sticks.

Hand pulled glass cane

ONE CANE AT A TIME. Unique multicolored latticino, zanfirico, and murrine handmade glass cane. Twisted Cane is tested
compatible with both COE 90 Bullseye glass and COE 96 Uroboros, and Spectrum and Oceanside Glass Tiles. It is used to
embellish kilnformed, kilncast, torchworked, fusing, beadmaking and blown glass art. Made in America.

"I only use COE 90 and found the canes are fantastically made and the murrines are brilliant because you can snip them to whatever size you want. Great people to deal with, absolute pleasure to do business with. I will buy from them again and have no hesitations in recommending them to anyone."
Paul Hampton
"I want to use this cane in a yard art trellis class I'm taking! I need the COE 96 cane for that class!"
Karen Frechin