Twisted Cane

Glass Cane

COE 90   |   Bullseye
COE 96   |  
Spectrum, Uorboros and Oceanside Glass Tile

Twisted Cane Glass

COE90: Made from 100% Bullseye Glass. Tested compatible with Bullseye and Uraboros 90 glass.

COE96: Made from 100% Spectrum System 96 and Uroboros 96 Glass. Tested compatible with Spectrum System 96 and Uroboros 96 glass.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns. We offer Murrine in both COE 90, and COE96.   Murrine is available in 9" sticks. Each stick ranges  between 6mm - 8mm. Each 9" stick yields between 27-30 nips per pieces. Call for special orders.

SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 18" and 9" | Diameter: 3-5 mm | Variation end to end: < 1mm

Pattern and colors consistent throughout length of cane. Each cane is free from defects though slight variations may occur do to hand made process. Endless variety of colors, patterns, diameters, and designs are available and special orders are welcome. For more information about special orders please contact us .